Transferable Skills

In this ever changing economy, you may find yourself without a job. Like me. Despite my great experiences, I have a big dilemma, my specialized skills/job title doesn’t have many job openings. So I haven’t been able to find a job with similar tasks. When looking for another job, you may also have to rely on your transferable skills in order to find employment.
Here’s your assignment, look at this worksheet and follow their instructions on filling it out. The referenced worksheet may be useful when looking at one job, however, if you are like me, you are applying to many jobs. I suggest making a master list. Using an editer of your choice (MS Word, Excel, Open Office, etc.) make two columns: Skill and Experience/Achievement. Under skills, type the skills that would have from that worksheet. Under Experience/Achievement, write one sentence about an experience or achievement associated with that skill. Make sure the experience/achievement starts with a past-tense verb. Use this master list when comparing your skills to the job requirements of a prospect job, making your resume, and cover letters.
 Here’s an example of what it can look like:

Master Transferable Skills List
Skill Experience/Achievement
Train Created procedural manual and trained employees on procedures.
Audit Records Audited financial records on a monthly basis.

As for me, I went from electronic banking to daycare part-time while I look for full-time employment. Here’s my example:

Skill Experience/Achievement
Assess situations Listened to customer to assess their needs
Coordinate Activities Coordinated employee activities, financial projects, and community fundraisers

Make your Master Transferable Skills List and change careers! Have fun!


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