Returns and Exchanges

Today my family and I went to a shoe store to buy shoes… go figure! My husband picked out his shoes while our daughter and I walked around waiting for him. After he picked out his shoes he asked if he could leave his shoes at the counter so we could pick out our daughter’s shoes. The cashier nodded. After we picked out her shoes and paid for our shoes, we went to the car and put on our new shoes. Our daughter’s shoes tore instantly. I went inside and started the exchange. The cashier had to get her manager to override the transaction. The manager came out and did her thing on the computer and put the new and old receipt and the new shoes in front of her and just looked at me. Getting her hint, I grabbed my receipts and shoes and left.

When your customers walk in the door, always take a second to greet them even if you are busy. When you have a chance, walk up to them, follow these instructions:

  • Greet them
  • Pay attention to what they are doing
  • Tell them about any sales
  • Offer them help. This will benefit both parties by increasing your sales, decrease shoplifting, and having a happy customer.

    MANAGERS!!! YOU REPRESENT YOUR COMPANY EVEN MORE THAN YOUR CASHIERS. When you are interrupted by you cashier, do not let your frustration show. Your customer is more important than what you were doing before. This is what you should do:

  • Greet them
  • Apologize for the inconvenience
  • Process the transaction promptly
  • Thank them for their time
  • Wish them a good day

  • As employees of a store, you are a team, act like it because it will show. Also, customers give you your job, show them your thanks.


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