Greeter’s Greetings

We were shopping for meat at a local grocery store where their employees are REQUIRED to greet and help any/all customers. A meat cutter pushing a cart of meat past us and said, “Hello, how are you, let me know if I can help you.” He said this so fast and pasted us so fast, that it didn’t sound like he meant it. Within 5 minutes he said the same line to us 5 more times and treated everyone else around us the same.

As we entered the big box store we were immediately NOT greeted by the greeter. She gave the “I don’t care smile.” What do you get paid to do again, oh yeah greet people.

What should have happened:

  • Smile
  • Give a greeting that is believable
  • Remember who you talked to in order to properly follow-up
  • When you do greet and follow-up, don’t make it robotic, make it different each time

    Customers can read you as much as you can read them. Don’t be fake, it will show, don’t be bored, it will show.

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